Website Todo list

Bug4 Oct 6'19
HTML Comment (< ! - -) in Example box for certain code post are ignored when viewing code.
Bug3 Oct 6'19
Ads started to annoy me during building and upgrading BoldCodes.
Bug2 Oct 6'19
Table viewer (AJAX) part in Admin page is broken again.
Bug1 Oct 6'19
Linkedin login does not work for:

Todo13 Oct 6'19
Make all domain redirects into ASP redirect (
Todo12 Oct 6'19
Website log into pages
Todo11 Oct 6'19
Add website milestone
Todo10 Oct 6'19
Comments by users. Can we do linkedin commnets?
Todo9 Oct 6'19
Star rating by users
Todo8 Oct 6'19
Home page: New coders
Todo7 Oct 6'19
Public Coder page
Todo6 Oct 6'19
Added Oct 6th'19 Add page for things to add or bugs to be fixed (This list).
Todo5 Oct 6'19
Added Oct 6th'19 Website versioning
Todo4 Jun 30'19
Home page: Codes starred by coders
Todo3 Jun 30'19
Home page: Recently modified codes
Todo2 Jun 30'19
Home page: Featured codes by Admin
Todo1 Jun 30'19
New "Application" Language