UI 134 User interface, user controls, and display codes

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Printout into page, along with additional function to decide where to put the ...

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Textbox focus issue fix

Trick to force textbox with multiple lines and scrollbars to refresh itself ...

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ThemeSave + ThemeRead

Saves/Reads selected theme into file. Used with Bootstrap 3 in most of my ...


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Trying to simplifying applying AJAX in my websites and tools, this is the ...


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CustomExcelMenu - FaceIDs

How to create custom Excel menu, this one shows the IDs and icons of 20 icons, ...

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Creates Excel menu on the fly, list of menu items, command actions, and icons ...

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Win10 User Folders

I hate it when Microsoft takes back some controls it already gave to users, one ...

Remove All User Folders From This PC 64-bit.zip

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To raise a friendly error message with option to show custom error number and ...

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Cookies warning

Thanks to new law in Europe, we need to show users and let them accept a ...


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Active BS4 breakpoint

Was looking for some way to show bootstrap 4 breakpoint, and got this


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[TAB] inside textarea

Allow textarea's to accept TAB key (ASCII code 63) Could use some enhancements, ...


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Limit Textarea

Show number of characters in a textarea and limit if it goes greater than ...