Reads certain part in HTML output of a page.
Will search for list of strings in a page, then returns the result to caller.
List of strings to search should be passed during call. URL to page (or the actual output of that page) also needed.
Please read notes inside function.

Was looking to create this function for almost a year now, did get the chance lately in one of my projects.



My Own Work

Optional FromURL = "", Optional Or_FullPage = "", Optional FullListCond = "SearchFor{|}Then For{|}Then find between me{~} and me"

Example: Consolidated Statement of Income</span>{|}Net sales</span>{|}<td {|}<span {|}<ix:{|}>{~}</ix:
Tool will search for ... Consolidated Statement of Income</span> in page
Then for ... Net sales</span>
Then for ... <td
Then for ... <span
Then for ... <ix:
Then returns what between > and </ix:

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