Pps vs ppsx

PowerPoint slideshow file types and differences in file size.
Bottom line, if you have the chance, save slideshow as pps rather than ppsx to save of file size, especially if your slideshow contains a lot of pictures.



My Own Work
I know its 2020, and Microsoft did do good job in compressing most of their file types by introducing xml back in 2003, like docx instead of doc, xlsx instead of xls and so on.
But, my experiment says different things
Looks like saving PowerPoint slideshow in ppsx format takes way larger file size than in pps
PPS is the extension of PowerPoint slideshow that will defaults to start slideshow when double-click rather than open it in PowerPoint.
You still able to drag the file into PowerPoint window to open, but the default behavior with double-click is going to start slideshow.
In same way, you can start slideshow by right-click on ppt (or pptx) and select Show.

But that is not what we are here.

Saving slideshow full of pictures copied and pasted as pptx was generating huge files (~800mb huge) while we only had 40 slides.
Saving as ppsx was not better, and saved me nothing.
That was bugging me, so after some trials and research. I found this
This same exact slideshow can be less than 15mb in size if saved as pps rather than ppsx.

As a note: it doesn't matter how you pasted the image inside slideshow, as bitmap vs as Metafile, you do lose some when saved as Metafile, while Bitmap is the best quality.

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