ANBSThumbImg + ANBSThumbLink

Creates thumb of an image with or without link to original
Use ANBSThumbLink to create thumb and link to original image
Use ANBSThumbImg to create thumb without link
Uses Thumbnail3.aspx and fancybox for larger image (both attached)
Latest fancybox3 can be found here.
Thumbnail3.aspx was found online, and then enhanced to meet my needs.

Edit 2023-05-23: Added thumbnail4.aspx which has ability to save image into server with postfix to filename (added parameter save2). please check for more details.

Set1 /?Devid=UZ02TYA98O
Set3 /?DevID=ULV2F50NVJ



My Own Work

Img, ToWidth, ImgClasses

To create an image with click to enlarge
Call ANBSThumbLink("myimage.png", 200, "img-thumbnail")

To create an image only with no click
ANBSThumbImg("OurImg.jpg", 10, "")

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