Hiding chart in Excel

How to hide a full chart in Excel.
By treating it as shape, not as chart.



My Own Work
It turns out that you cannot hide a chart in Excel from within VBA directly
You need to treat it as shape

I needed to automatically hide some of 12 charts if there is no data in any them.
So, I went with what I found by hiding them after treating them as shape, not as chart

So, this line will not work
    ActiveChart.Visible = False

Nor this line
    ActiveChart.ChartArea.Visible = False

But this will
    ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(ChShee).Shapes(ChN).Visible = msoFalse ' msoTrue

Full code needed to show/hide chart (or shape)
' by default all charts are visible
' Except when we have no company shown in table, then, we hide chart
ChartVisi = msoTrue
If ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(ChShee).Range(Ch2 & 3) = "" Then ChartVisi = msoFalse
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(ChShee).Shapes(ChN).Visible = ChartVisi

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