ANBS Controls Set3

3rd set of ANBS controls, Get Set1 here and Set2 here
ANBSOptionWithText to show an option box with text input,
ANBSOptionBoxes to show multiple option buttons in 1 line, and
ANBSCheckbox to show 1 checkbox

Update 2020-12-06: Needed to make it safe for publishing online



My Own Work

BName, NoOfBoxes, BCaptionsList,BSelectedID, ReadOnly1_ReadWrite2, LabelColWidth, BLongDescription
BIDO, BNameO, BNameT, BValueO, BValueT, BCaption, BCaptionO, Checked1, ReadOnly1_ReadWrite2, LabelColWidth, BTypeT, BLongDescription
BName, BValue, BCaption, ReadOnly1_ReadWrite2, LabelColWidth, BDescription

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