Old DLL housing list of functions to be used and called by any application, possibly not working in recent Windows versions.
Sections included:
----=== c l s C o n t r o l s ===----
----=== c l s F i l e ===----
----=== c l s H i d e ===----
----=== c l s I N I S e t t i n g s ===----
----=== c l s M i s c ===----
----=== c l s M o u s e ===----
----=== c l s N e t C o n n e c t i o n ===----
----=== c l s R e b o o t ===----
----=== c l s S h o r t c u t s ===----


Not Tested

Not My Work
Notes from developer ...

A DLL with 60 different functions.
Everything a programmer needs.
Please vote for me, I put a lot of work into it.
There are many different functions... check if the user is online, if they are connected to a modem or LAN, via Proxy or not.
There are file codes to extract the extension from a file name (no matter how long it is) or get that directory or the filename. Functions to shutdown windows, reboot or logon as a different user. Function to turn a PictureBox into a good looking progress bar which has the percentage text in the middle. Function to make a ComboBox dropdown without the user having to click on it. Function to dock forms continuously even if moved or dragged. Make your form topmost. Create a file association with your program. Convert bytes to the required format (MB or kb) depending on the size. Convert a path to short dos format. Hide mouse cursor, WinTaskBar, WinStartButton, etc. INI Functions to easily save settings (similar to reg - GetSetting). Disable CtrlAltDel. Open and close the CD-Rom drive. Compact a database. Keep mouse trapped in form. Shell web sites, email adds and .exe's. Improved random generator (shuffle).
Play wav files using API. Switch mouse buttons. Use all mouse functions, GetX Pos, GetY Pos, LeftClick, Set mouse Pos. Conect to the net and disconnect. Create shortcuts on desktop and program menu.

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