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Laoding Circle

Loading animation in css/js


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A js/css hourglass loading spinner


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Digital Clock

Actually working digital clock JavaScript-based, refreshes every second Found ...


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Fancybox v2 apply

Applying Fancybox v2 from (


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Bootstrap table by wenzhixin

Working jquery bootstrap table, with pagination, search, sort and column ...


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Detect when user changes a textbox using JQuery Needed to have this documented ...

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Simple Captcha

Sometimes the simplest methods is the most powerful. That is what I said

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Prevent Submit until reCaptcha

Disable Submit button until Google reCaptcha is verified, used reCaptcha v2.0 ...

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This Year

A quick JS way to get the year of today, a method found it online, and wanted ...

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Loading3 gif

Showing animated gif when ancher is clicked, uses an overlay to prevent user ...


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Loading gif

Show and hide loading gif using Javascript. a simple way to control when to ...


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Bootstrap Modal variables

Bootstrap link to pass variables to modal content Used to build list of links ...