VBA-Excel 127 Visual basic for applications that works only in Microsoft Excel, aka macros

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Quickly adds value to certain column in Excel sheet As usual, you can define ...

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Copy formulas

How to copy formulas in VBA code. Learned that the hard way, just like most of ...

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Copy row height from row to another Used to fix row heights or merged cells to ...

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Finds last occurrence of a match in a column Finds the row of last time an ...

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Checks if a file can be reached online or no Same as

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TeeOpen_ProtectTee + TeeOpen_UnprotectTee

Protect or unprotect a workbook (already open) remotely from another workbook ...

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Excel macro to show all files found in directory (including sub-directories) as ...


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DialChart - Excel-VBA

A dial chart inside Excel using VBA code. With options to show 3 areas and two ...


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Unprotect sheet or workbook

Unprotect worksheet (and workbook) using VBA code


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Web browser in Excel VBA

Example on how to use Web browser control inside Excel userform


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Unmerges all merged cells and duplicate cell contents into them. In another ...

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Select workbook (or workbook/worksheet) (Frm5)

Gives your user ability to select a workbook from list of open workbooks within ...