VBA-Excel 127 Visual basic for applications that works only in Microsoft Excel, aka macros

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Adds a sheet to a workbook, after checking if workbook is open Checks if ...

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User-defined type error

How to fix error (User-defined Type) error, especially when using outside ...

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MinIF and MaxIF in Excel 2010

MinIF to calculate smallest number matching certain criteria, in Excel 2010 ...


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User-Defined Formatting

Apply special Conditional Formatting, color cells based on their values. This ...

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Open different Filestypes

Populate list of filetypes in Application.GetOpenFilename method. This command ...

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Run macro

Runs a macro from another workbook (Workbook has to be open).

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Protect VBA

Protect VBA project from inside VBA This is the raw way, there has to be other ...

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Show/hide ribbon

Show or hide Excel ribbon from inside VBA Needed that in one of my projects

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Permission Denied error

Issue: Trying to copy file (Using VB command FileCopy) while that file was ...

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A plain pure VBA Treeview control to be used inside Excel (official link has ...


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Listbox height changing issue

Listbox in Excel sometimes have issue adjusting height to items added inside, ...

Listbox height changing issue.zip

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Scroll a listbox Using Right-Drag. (Something VBA in Excel lacks) You might ...