ANmarAmdeen 968

ANmarAmdeen 3M62Ihum9O

Codes since Apr 2018


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Returns the day name in several formats It uses either full date or only ...

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Returns the month name in one of 5 formats (below) It can use full date or ...

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Str2DB + Str2App + Str2HTML

Set of functions to clean and revise cleaning of string before saving into ...

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URL2Text + Text2URL

URL2Text to convert a URL into string Text2URL will converts a text with ...

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ArrayRead + ArraySave

Reading and saving 2 dim data into ANStrArray ANStrArray is a string ...

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ANStrList functions

Set of functions to manage ANStrList strings, read, save, delete, sort, compare, ...

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DB_SettingRead + DB_SettingSave + ...

Reads/Saves specific settings from DB table Mainly for Classic ASP, but can be ...

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Checks if file is an image using its filename extension