Website logs

May 23 Tue'23
Fixing the way we are showing HTML tags inside code body, looks like we broke awhile back when we removed the encoding.
May 17 Wed'23
Adding section of 'Required Codes' to be displayed on top of 'Related Codes' iframe. Changed the Calendar date stamp in single code page.
May 15 Mon'23
Adding animated gif loader (loading) animation to iframe of 'Related Codes' to show while iframe is loaded.
May 14 Sun'23
More fixes to Prrogrammer page, now have date of start in addition to no of codes. Adding Number of Versions to home page (Codes with version higher than 1. Adding Font-Awesome style of code counter of Programmer. Added more variations pmgs and jpgs to code counter of programmer. Modified Home page alot after adding link.
May 10 Wed'23
Fixed Codes for a certain programmer, it was showing codes from other programmers due to FullTextSearch query. Programmer's page now have Programmer's info with special card. Now accepts 5 digits as total number of codes per programmer.
May 7 Sun'23
Fixing typos in About page and some spaces, Enhance section in About Menu order changes again SQL Enhances in 01Vars to prepare for next round of heavy changes (Module and Modules pages).
May 5 Fri'23
Started working on Future submit, to let users schedule a post submit.
May 1 Mon'23
Fixing duplicated entries in Search after adding FreeTextTable to search result. Larger search box on home page.
Apr 30 Sun'23
Adding FreeTextTable to search result.
Apr 29 Sat'23
Code page now takes too long to load, converting 'Related' Section into an iframe and it is way faster now, basically loading page in two parts. iframe also is dynamically called to decide what to load inside, iframe height is auto-adjusted to its content (added code about that trick).
Apr 28 Fri'23
Re-organize main menu again. Starting to consider upgrading to Bootstrap 5ish. Meanwhile, enhances the past few days for current BS4 dark-mode used, including, better looking paginations, Admin tables.
Apr 26 Wed'23
Got the energy to actually adding 'Similar codes' in Code item view (aka Full-Text search). Also added Codes by same developer at bottom of Code item view. Added Random Codes at bottom of Code item view. Enhancing date function in all thumb views.
Apr 24 Mon'23
Adding Darkmode, finally was able to apply darker-bootstrap theme with all fixes, will keep it dark for the coming few months.
Apr 18 Tue'23
Starting replacing default images of categories (used when post image is missing) with images from Bing AI.
May 16 Mon'22
Changing menu structure and order Menu icons now are filled when active. Main box for code now has min-height. Added user to each Rule in Rules of Dev page.
May 14 Sat'22
View counters now only for registered users, other visits do not count.
May 5 Thu'22
Finished limiting codes to registered users only by showing dummy code (Instead of redirecting) with nice message to push visitors to login. Some cosmetic changes to User badge on home page.
Apr 28 Thu'22
Changed Rules of Dev page to be more attractive Page Recent - ByMonth now is dynamic to read codes the past 24 months Or variable varRecent_MonthCards).
Oct 2 Sat'21
All code pages now are limited to registered users only, variable 'ShowCode2RegUsersOnly' can be changed anytime.
Sep 22 Wed'21
Changing home page, by adding 3 separate carousels. it is slower now; we shall see if we can keep it or try to enhance it.
Jan 12 Tue'21
Fixing search where tool returns 1 post of code matching exact name while we have more, a feature added at start of working with site that no longer work. Enhancing slide show on home page by hiding slide in CSS, then show it after it completely loaded, to fix unwanted flicker of slideshow.
Dec 17 Thu'20
Added line of code to php upload function that could 80% chance to fix issue of not able to delete file after uploading.
Dec 15 Tue'20
Updates to static pages by making them more standard. Moving code files into other folder, and updating links. Adding new slider and creating new version of home page.
Dec 6 Sun'20
After few weeks of work, modified the way Favorites are saved in database, they have now their own table, allowing me to add to it modules. Page of Admin favorites created and updated. Users can now easily add code to favorites or remove from favorites.
Sep 23 Wed'20
Home page now have count of codes along with views and downloads counters.
Sep 22 Tue'20
Users can now have Favorite codes. Still need to have page of 'My Favorites' and Admin Favorites.
Sep 8 Tue'20
Found and fixed issue in generating random ID when creating new Code. Checks to make sure it is unique had bug.
Sep 1 Tue'20
Adding counters of total views and downloads in home page.
Aug 20 Thu'20
Changing some codes around to prevent future attempts to insert into SQL and clean database from false views and download IDs. Adding ability in Admin Settings table to identify wrong rows quickly.
Mar 16 Mon'20
Discover an attack attempt made a while back. Fix the Recent update SQL to get truely recently updated codes.
Feb 23 Sun'20
Attempts to move database before moving the site has failed. Attempt to move site files with database has passed :-).
Feb 22 Sat'20
Adding ability to do site search by calling home page, like world will be converted to World
Feb 16 Sun'20
Change the way SearchLog is saving count, to prepare for applying an attempt to Anti-Spam weblog, basically checks for search from IP within same minute, then add IP to list of banned IPs.
Feb 9 Sun'20
Lots of enhances applied to thumb views in all browse pages.
Feb 8 Sat'20
Adding Histtory section in About page.
Feb 7 Fri'20
Added page Rules of Dev to start documenting these rules of mine.
Feb 6 Thu'20
Increase the speed for Recent-List, Top-Viewed and Top-Downloaded pages. Added page for Recently Modified codes. Changed Search log to save only searches with no results. Adding 5 of Recently modified codes to home page.
Feb 3 Mon'20
Changed Website log (this page) to show in a better way, combining it with Todo list in tab styles as children of same page (Logs). Apply this new structure in Admin as well in About pages. Moved Account page to /Account instead of /Users/Account. Added Search log (and admin page to view it) to track what people are searching on my website, is this a headache?
Feb 1 Sat'20
Adding page for added code by month and by year, for entire history of BoldCodes. Still working on Admin Tables, especially editing, deleting and adding Category, Language and Setting.
Jan 29 Wed'20
Adding Bootstrap-Table to My Account-Codes, finally! Adding it also to Admin-Tables page. Change the submenu for pages, to have similar look accross all website.
Jan 27 Mon'20
Adding History section in About page with screenshots.
Jan 23 Thu'20
Scratch below, created ANmaThemeSwitcher and apply custom version of it here, better, and around 61 themes from different sources, worked for Bootstrab 4.4.1 And updated css to Bootstrap 4.4.1.
Jan 20 Mon'20
Enhancing the themes feature, adding more custom ways to have navbar and footer changed based on themes selected.
Oct 27 Sun'19
Enhanced the Linkedin login, simplify it after adding v2 few months back. Some fixes to home page.
Oct 20 Sun'19
Made most domain redirects into ASP redirect (, kept few to be website pointers instead. Fixed Linkedin login for
Oct 6 Sun'19
Added website versioning. Added List of Features (or Bugs) to be added (fixed). Added Parts-File2Page.asp to have common method to read and convert ASCII files into pages, used as shared now between Website Dev Log and Website Todos. New Code Menu item enhanced. Meta icons in Single Code page are now larger.
Sep 8 Sun'19
Added 2 options for each code, "My Own Work" (or "Not My Work") and "Tested" (or "Not Tested") to allow developer to describe in an easier way if that is his sole work, or just copied from internet, and if he did test that code or not. Some updates to About page in list of domains.
Jul 11 Thu'19
Added description to Top viewed and Top downloaded pages (below todo). Now working on the View for most recently updated codes.
Jul 4 Thu'19
Enhancing how dates are displayed in thumb view. Need to add code description to SQL View to be displayed in Top Viewed and Top Downloaded pages. Adding About link to main menu.
Jul 2 Tue'19
Enhancing how list of tags and requirements to be displayed in single code page, preparing to adding ability to show related posts instead. Still have todo list below.
Jun 30 Sun'19
Moved Todo list into its own page. Todo1: Codes recently updated Todo2: Codes favored by single developer (in developer account page). Todo3: Codes selected by Site Admin. Todo4: Add new language "Applications" to host hacks and tricks for third-party applications.
Jun 10 Mon'19
Updated Linkedin login API to v2. Added ability to download zip instead of text code In single code page, if code has zip, then button to download will instead download that zip file.
May 18 Sat'19
Linkedin sign in API got changed, v1 that I used here got terminated, I needed to spend 2 hours to upgrade to v2. Let us hope that we do not need to do that again soon.
May 3 Fri'19
Some HTML enhances, like titles and description for pages of 'Top viewed', 'Top downloaded' and the 3 'Recent' pages.
Apr 28 Sun'19
Fixed issues in for counter when click on zip file of single code page. Adding ability to download zip instead of text body if code has zip attachment. Fixing UI for commands of save and cancel in New and Edit Code.
Apr 27 Sat'19
Removed 'Module' since I need to work on it first Added 'New Code' in main menu Added 'New Code' in Languages and Categories pages Some interface, colors, navbar, footer, and theme enhances, we still have more work to make them variables
Apr 24 Wed'19
Really fixed additional spaces in tags this time. Another issue found in MSXML3 after some Server updates, fixed!.
Apr 14 Sun'19
Adding ability to change Language icon color for image language icons (png) based on selected theme, currently covered 'Default' and 'United' themes only. Celebrating 1 full year sine 1st code added back in Apr 14th 2018
Apr 10 Wed'19
Changed view in "Top Viewed" and "Top Downloaded" to show thumbs instead of plain list. Fixed issue in additional spaces in Tags list links.
Mar 30 Sat'19
Fixed some issues in footer Added list of websites in footer Added links to Recent and Top codes in footer Updated Domain list linked
Feb 8 Fri'19
Added ability to delete a code, finally! Also, when we edit and save code, code text file will be deleted to force website to create it again. Code thumbnails now shown in Recent list too, instead of dull list.
Jan 25 Fri'19
Fixed issue with AJAX in Admin database tables. Added ability to change Bootstrap themes, thanks to Bootswatch.
Jan 20 Sun'19
Did not like the previous bar, so looked for new way to show these By-Month stat, and found Percircle, added instead of previous By-Month page.
Jan 16 Wed'19
New way to show Recent By Month, replace the old one with this progress bar page.
Jan 6 Sun'19
Adding 2 new pages Top-Viewed and Top-Downloaded.
Dec 31 Mon'18
Adding By Month page to recent codes, since we are still adding codes after several months Enhancing Recent pages links and count of codes.
Dec 30 Sun'18
Dec 29 Sat'18
Found an issue in deleting post attachments, this was bugging me since I am using the website and did not notice that before.
Dec 24 Mon'18
I still need to finish two major things. 1: delete code by user (added Feb8th 2019) 2: Create a module and download/delete by users.
Dec 12 Wed'18
Changing the Cookies message into a better one (from, having it shown for users who are not loggied in.
Oct 10 Wed'18
Updating Home page to look better, adding slideshow and changing how categories and languages are displayed.
Sep 30 Fri'08
Start working on new Home page, with ability to switch between new and old by admin in future. Thinking of adding projects here (maybe new language says "Projects"? Will need to add new language "Applications" to host hacks and tricks for third-party applications.
Sep 23 Sun'18
Adding new view for codes, using BS4 cards, now each code can show its 1st attached image if found, if not, category image, if not, a default code image. Cards in Category views will show Language images instead if found. Added ability to log custom actions in Recent MonthView.
Sep 22 Sat'18
Changing location of pagination and description in each browse-by-category and browse-by-language pages.
Sep 20 Thu'18
Moving Edit Categories and Languages sections from Categories and Languages pages into Admin Categories and Admin Languages pages.
Sep 19 Wed'18
Adding ability to modify Weblog file from Admin WebLog page. Adding Languages and Categories tables in Admin Tables page.
Sep 18 Tue'18
Now that ANmaBrowser is ready, embed inside works perfect. MyAccount page shows Summary from Linkedin. Link in home user area to MyAccount page. Adding link in Admin page to Linkedin ID page
Sep 7 Fri'18
Fixing upload in ANmaBrowser. Capitalize 1st letter of site name.
Sep 4 Tue'18
Final touches to ANmaBrowser. Adding embed ability with fixing JS, bootstrap and font-awesome calls in ANmarBrowser.
Sep 2 Sun'18
Finished with ANmaBrowser by adding "Upload" functionality, and allowing it to be embed (include ASP command) in another page. Also have new ServerVariables.asp file to be shared here
Sep 1 Sat'18
Now home page shows different subtitle for each domain showing website.
Aug 31 Fri'18
Fixing bug of not showing languages with zero codes in drop-downs. Some updates to Language overlaps after adding my 1st PHP code. Buying and Bold.Codes
Aug 30 Thu'18
ANmaBrowser final embed (Still working, no uploads). Adding some articles from DCave so we can link that domain here.
Aug 25 Sat'18
Got distracted again, This time was able to create a file Browser, ANmaBrowser, Built over the original SiteMan.
Aug 4 Sat'18
Added 2 File browsers, the idea to get fully working file browser.
Aug 3 Fri'18
Started working on File browser page in Admin. Admin Table icons got another enhance shift.
Jul 31 Tue'18
Linking and as domain pointers.
Jul 30 Mon'18
Change how module is stored in cookies (or in file), two scenarios (User logged in, user not logged in) to allow maximum flexibility, now non-logged in users may build modules with up to 25 codes, while logged in users can build unlimited modules. Adding description for non-logged in users with progress bar and messages. Created some general per-language modules.
Jul 29 Sun'18
Change the way a module is created (Cookies), by setting limit to number of codes for non-login users, while login users will save module as text file in server. Extend all cookies to 30 days.
Jul 28 Sat'18
Adding feature of loading any of the saved modules into current. Adding feature of 'Adding code with certain language to current module'. Found issue, can not save more than 130 codes in module as cookie, need to find alternatives.
Jul 27 Fri'18
Features of 'Add code into Module' and 'Change module language' changed into Modals instead of Cards inside page. More work on Module and Modules pages
Jul 24 Tue'18
New format function (VB6Format) to convert dates from this log into proper format. More work in Admin Tables. Back to Module saving.
Jul 23 Mon'18
Creating Admin Tables from Admin Tables Settings page. Adding pagination in Admin tables page.
Jul 22 Sun'18
More work on Language Overlaps page. Module page is better now with areas to Change module language and to add codes to module with same or overlaped languages.
Jul 21 Sat'18
Language overlaps area enhanced and added graphic presentation. Created Language Overlaps
Jul 20 Fri'18
Admin feature of Settings table now has ability to delete an item. (Module Save As) feature added and {Module Change) feature initially started. List of modules and codes per each is completed. Add Website dev log (This log) as part of Admin Pages too.
Jul 18 Wed'18
Adding versioning to each code, automatic versioning for each code. Enhance UI for commands of converting code from and to Private and Publlic, still functionality not finished.
Jul 17 Tue'18
Enhancing My Account page and tabs. Adding shell for ability to delete user account, and for converting code from/to 'Private' and 'Public'.
Jul 16 Mon'18
Change sub menus in About pages Adding sub menus to My Account and Admin pages Created my first 'layered' FontAwesome 5.0 icon (Admin Tables > Settings) .
Jul 15 Sun'18
Adding submenu to recent Monthly and List pages. More work on Modules pages.
Jul 14 Sat'18
Adding Tables-Settings for admin, plan to allow admin to add/modify/delete these settings. More work on Module and Modules pages. Adding website devlog (This log), to track my changes
Jul 13 Fri'18
Fixing typos and bugs in downloading codes, Adding download counter and view counter back-end mechanism
Jul 12 Thu'18
Downloading code now will be in a txt file prompting user to open or save, instead of Modal
Jul 10 Tue'18
Code now can be 'Private' or 'Public'. Adding ability to show 1st attachment picture in 'Examples' or 'Parameters' for any code
Jul 8 Sun'18
Adding description in Languages page to describe how Language overlaps work. Pointing and
Jul 7 Sat'18
Enhance About page, mainly the list of domains and automating reading and formatting it. Link as pointer here.
Jul 6 Fri'18
Adding ability to insert [Tab] key inside code, descriptions, etc. Buying and linking to this website.
Jul 2 Mon'18
Admin now can change name and description of each Categories and Languages in their pages.
Jun 9 Sat'18
Starting work on Module page.
May 29 Tue'18
New page Admin > Settings to prepare for admin customizations.
May 23 Wed'18
May 16 Wed'18
Random ID generation might have some bugs, switch to new code written in php.
May 15 Tue'18
Adding Recent page as calendar, this one took a while since none of the ones online suited me
Apr 16 Mon'18
Adding 'Upload attachments' mechanism. Adding page Admin > Users to allow admin to control adding and removing users.
Apr 12 Thu'18
Fixing log in by Linkedin.

Feb 18 Sun'18
Start working on the website as

Dec 22 Fri'17
Domain obtained to replace and start working on it seriously.
From /Assets/Website-DevLog.txt
Bug6 Feb 3'20
Fixed Feb 6th'20 Pages are too slow (Recent posts, Top viewed, Top Downloaded).
Bug5 Dec 10'19
Found issue in uploading files having + in file name, need to fix this one fast
Bug4 Oct 6'19
HTML Comment (< ! - -) in Example box for certain code post are ignored when viewing code.
Bug3 Oct 6'19
Ads started to annoy me during building and upgrading BoldCodes.
Bug2 Oct 6'19
Fixed Jan 29th'20 Table viewer (AJAX) part in Admin page is broken again.
Bug1 Oct 6'19
Fixed Oct 26th'19 Linkedin login does not work for

Todo18 Mar 24'20
Add badges (milestone) for developers, based on number of codes submitted.
Todo17 Feb 3'20
Add ability to let users to claim ownership of codes, or report stolen code.
Todo16 Jan 20'20
Ability to have filter inside search results.
Todo15 Jan 20'20
Added Jan 29th'20 Adding Bootstrap-table to My Account > My Codes, Admin pages with AJAX API ability.
Todo14 Jan 20'20
Part of ANmaThemeSwitcher added Jan 23rd'20 Adding ability to change navbar and footer bg and fg
Todo13 Oct 6'19
Added Oct 20th'19 Make all domain redirects into ASP redirect (
Todo12 Oct 6'19
Website log into pages
Todo11 Oct 6'19
Add website milestone
Todo10 Oct 6'19
Comments by users. Can we do LinkedIn comments?
Todo9 Oct 6'19
Star rating by users
Todo8 Oct 6'19
Home page: New coders
Todo7 Oct 6'19
Public Coder page
Todo6 Oct 6'19
Added Oct 6th'19 Add page for things to add or bugs to be fixed (This list).
Todo5 Oct 6'19
Added Oct 6th'19 Website versioning
Todo4 Jun 30'19
Home page: Codes starred by coders
Todo3 Jun 30'19
Added Feb 6th'20 Home page: Recently modified codes
Todo2 Jun 30'19
Added Sep 23rd'20 Home page: Featured codes by Admin
Todo1 Jun 30'19
New "Application" Language

From /Assets/Website-ToDos.txt