Learning Materials 66 Screenshots, videos or full articles as references or learning new technology

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A simple Classic ASP checkbox implementation, helpful for beginners. ...

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Windows Clock

Restore Windows 10 clock to Windows 7 Analog clocks

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Excel 2010 hyperlink issue fix

An issue I started to see when clicking on a hyperlink in Excel 2010, while I ...


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VBA vs ASP Classic

Differences between coding in VB in Classic ASP (aka VBScript) and VBA (aka ...

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Control the Panel

A set of commands (or shortcuts) allowing users to access Control panel items ...

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Send To folder

Where can I find the SendTo folder? I always wanted to modify that list and ...

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Windows God Mode

Control panel shortcuts part 1

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KeyASCII list, I often need that in my projects. List of ASCII codes 1 to 256


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PDF book for ASP.NET with AJAX


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Inputbox vs Application.Inputbox

fm20.dll has another inputbox to be used It is smaller, maybe more straight ...

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MouseDown and MouseUp in FM20 controls

MouseDown and MouseUp in VBA (fm20 controls) are different from those in VB6 ...

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Bootstrap 4 cheat sheet

Bootstrap 4 cheat sheet, quick direct link as image