VB6 11 Visual Basic 6 (Visual Studio 6.0), some codes may also be suitable for VBA

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Tabindex in multipage

Tabindex and forcing focus to show in textbox if we have multipage control. ...

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FeeKey + UnFeeKey

Protect Numbers by encoding them into Alphabetic And convert them back ...

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Paste into textbox

Paste text from clipboard into textbox

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Sort list of strings in ascending or descending order using pure VBA, no ...

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Reads setting from config file Config file can be passed as argument ...

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Get a sorted list of files in a directory using the File System Object (FSO) ...

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Old DLL housing list of functions to be used and called by any application, ...


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An old DLL library enables reading and writing to floppy disks (and/or images) ...


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Animated form exit

Exit form with shrinking Shrinks the form, Pushes the form to the bottom of ...

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Save to, Read from, Delete registry key

Save into registry, read from registry or delete a key. Accessible to only ...

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An API to allow connecting to MySQL database from VBA (or VB6), found it a ...