VBInstr (or Instr parameters)

The great function InStr I use a lot has a small confusing part.
Which string comes first? and which second?
The SearchIN? or the SearchFor?
I got confused, so this post is merely to remind me how to use it.

What is this?



Original Work
Function VBInstr(SearchFor, SearchIn, Optional StartSearch = 1, Optional SearchCompare = vbBinaryCompare)
    VBInstr = InStr(StartSearch , SearchIn, SearchFor , SearchCompare )
End Function

' I always forget which string comes first, the searchin, or the searchfor?
' So, I thought I got it here online for my references

    InStr([start,] SearchIn, SearchFor [,compare] )
    InStr([start,] BigString, SmallString [,compare] )

    InStr([start,] string1, string2 [,compare] )
    string1 Required. String expression being searched.
    string2 Required. String expression sought.

SearchFor, SearchIn, Optional StartSearch = 1, Optional SearchCompare

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