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Sort list of texts having cell address by cell address as alphanumeric in Asc ...

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UniqueRandomID in SQL

Generate new Random ID, unique not duplicated in two columns in two tables. ...

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Steps Recorder Win10 app

Win10 application already found in Windows. to generate list of steps with ...

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Free online tools -

Bunch of online some text and image tools, helpful for most online users these ...

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Mini Ajax-php upload form

Simple elegant form to upload files with php/ajax. From

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Send workbook as email attachment

Retro way to send a workbook you are in as an email. Found it in one of my old ...

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Captcha in Arabic, great library, will look forward to apply it in my next ...

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ProgressPie SVG

jQuery library to create ProgressPie SVGs. Simple, perfect, works

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Lazy image loading + placeholder

Setup lazy image loading plus setting placeholder to images. Using

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FindLinks xla

Excel Addon to find links in workbook. FindLinks v13.2 From

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Install/Uninstall SQLNativeClient DB driver

Install/Uninstall SQL DB driver. SQLNCLI.msi that is needed when you do ...

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gsplit usage

How to use gsplit to split large files into smaller parts to allow to read it. ...