Graphics 52 Drawings, charts, colors (not Multimedia!)

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Bootstrap3 modal Contextual colors

Bootstrap3 Contextual colors modal dialog From

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Pure CSS line graph

Simple, with CSS only, an HTML line graph By

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34 Animated GIFs

Set of 34 animated gifs as preloaders (or spinners)

34 Animated

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Construction graphics 27

27 graphics for construction, or under construction

27 Construction

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DialChart - Excel-VBA

A dial chart inside Excel using VBA code. With options to show 3 areas and two ...

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Admin Counter boxes

4 sets of Admin/Dashboard count boxes, or cards Needed a set for DBRox, and ...

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Windows CSS Boxes

A 3d Window-like boxes, using images Some early CSS attempts of mine

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Navbar colors

Bootstrap set of colored Navbars made with

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CSS file icons

Create file icon for any extension using css only, no images

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file icons in CSS

Pure CSS file icons, for any extension, no image

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User-Defined Formatting

Apply special Conditional Formatting, color cells based on their values. This ...

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Thumbnail generator

Generates thumb image file from a jpg, gif or png, saves it to server, or show ...