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ProgressPie SVG

jQuery library to create ProgressPie SVGs. Simple, perfect, works


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Lazy image loading + placeholder

Setup lazy image loading plus setting placeholder to images. Using

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Gototop + Circular scroll progress

JS icon to show progress of scroll in webpage having button to go back to top. ...


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Minify + Unminify tools online

Minify and unminify tools online, mainly js and css, free Unminify js, css, ...

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SettingRead_Ajax + SettingRead_Ajax_IntoObject

Two functions to return an output of file into object on page or back to caller ...

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Timeline css

CSS Timeline, simple, easy, nice piece from bootsnipp From


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Nearby Color shades

Calculate colors close to input color, a jquery html that will give you 10 ...


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Preview link js script uses jquery and bootstrap From


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3D Progressbar

CSS-JS animated Progress bar. Was looking for pregressbar in svg, couldn't ...


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Autofit height iframe

iframe with animated gif to show while loading content, when iframe is fully ...