UI 174 User interface, user controls, and display codes

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Autofit height iframe

iframe with animated gif to show while loading content, when iframe is fully ...

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FontAwesome icons in Office apps

Best way to use FontAwesome set of icons in apps, mainly my Excel tools and ...

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Popup button

List of commands in popup menu. Uses listbox, command button and toggle ...


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Dropdown button commands

A drop-down of multiple commands in pure VBA. Needed this in a large Excel-VBA ...


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SmartMenus for WordPress

Cascading menu, on all devices. From ...

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Fills in more rows at end of a range Used to add more rows at end to have all ...

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A message box with checkbox, 1 command button says ok only. Caller can set ...


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UISetup + UIRestore

Simple way to freeze UI in Excel-VBA then restore it after complete in standard ...

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Tabindex in multipage

Tabindex and forcing focus to show in textbox if we have multipage control. ...

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fNMRPrgs, Full-form progress bar (frm77)

Show progress bar inside userform, with option to control lots of things. This ...


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Excel ribbon

Add ribbon menu to certain macro-based workbook to run macro, will only be ...

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Frm81 - FullDetails

Show window of details, can be used to show content for certain cell, or show ...