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Prevent Submit until reCaptcha

Disable Submit button until Google reCaptcha is verified, used reCaptcha v2.0 ...

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This Year

A quick JS way to get the year of today, a method found it online, and wanted ...

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Loading3 gif

Showing animated gif when ancher is clicked, uses an overlay to prevent user ...


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Loading gif

Show and hide loading gif using Javascript. a simple way to control when to ...


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Bootstrap Modal variables

Bootstrap link to pass variables to modal content Used to build list of links ...

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Cookies warning

Thanks to new law in Europe, we need to show users and let them accept a ...


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Active BS4 breakpoint

Was looking for some way to show bootstrap 4 breakpoint, and got this


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[TAB] inside textarea

Allow textarea's to accept TAB key (ASCII code 63) Could use some enhancements, ...


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Limit Textarea

Show number of characters in a textarea and limit if it goes greater than ...

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Asks user before running a link (mostly before deleting) Small important part ...

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Reading QueryString from JS

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Logs out Linkedin by running two commands One will open new window to logout ...