UI 174 User interface, user controls, and display codes

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Cookies warning

Thanks to new law in Europe, we need to show users and let them accept a ...


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Active BS4 breakpoint

Was looking for some way to show bootstrap 4 breakpoint, and got this


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[TAB] inside textarea

Allow textarea's to accept TAB key (ASCII code 63) Could use some enhancements, ...


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Limit Textarea

Show number of characters in a textarea and limit if it goes greater than ...

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Numeric-only textbox

Allow only Currency into textbox, text box will allow only nnnn.nn where n=1 ...

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Make selected item in listbox to be displayed at center of listbox after ...

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ANBS controls

Set of functions to generate Bootstrap controls as strings. Controls available ...

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Asks user before running a link (mostly before deleting) Small important part ...

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Reads screen resolution, using IE this time, this one will get the active ...

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Detects active desktop screen resolution and location of taskbar (with some ...

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Display a string in a Userform as 'About' window, can display string or file by ...


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Container Switcher

Using Classic ASP and cookies, allow users to personally choose between normal ...